The Winter Charm of the Cities at the Seaside

Walking on the beach in your bathing suit in the middle of August, enjoying the sunbeams, the tranquility of the sea, the salt on your skin and the carelessness in your mind is precious. We are all dreaming about it since we came back from the vacation last year. But what does all those cities and resorts look like in the winter? Are they all empty and is there a single person there walking on this same beach? sea-1207821_960_720Oh, sure. There is a charm. There is something that makes those places incredibly cute and worth visiting in the winter, when the weather is a bit colder and the wind is trying to destroy your hairstyle and yourself one and the same time.


There are no tourists, no queues, no buses full of people and no flags held by tourist guides. There is no noise and no inconvenience caused by crowds and crowds of people. The only ones there now, in the middle of December or in the beginning of February, are the people who live there. And you can meet them while they are going to work in the mornings or while they are grabbing a coffee and a sandwich in their lunch breaks. You can notice those who are jogging in the parks early in the morning and those who are having family dinners in the fancy restaurants on Wednesday evening. You can see those buildings, churches, museums. You can visit all of these without having to wait or to fight with someone so as to get a better place or better view. And in this moment, in this cold and windy day, you can feel the real spirit of this city. It is honest. It is beautiful, but harsh. It is just as it is. And it is worth seeing.

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